Dürüm Records : al dente, pastresdrole, Molzz, KBL
Happiness Therapy : Maslow Unknown, Crowd Control
Happiness Therapy : Hamdi RydEr, Crowd Control
La D!fu : Olivia, Calli, Jacques
Dédale : Jorge Caiado, Theo Leo, Barabas
Deeplomatic ‘Final Touch’ : Bwi-Bwi, Nochichi., Mok-T
Dusty Nation : Knuckle G, Larry G, Saint Louïs, The Laughing Ben
JEDEMAIN : Mel C, Nick V, Mademoiselle Charby
Happiness Therapy : Braga Circuit, Crowd Control
New Year ‘Special Event’ : Mush, NotSeriousBigs, Sklaer, Brum, DJ RC%
Dusty Nation : Ester, Ram:sem, Awalpé, Pyxide
Enter the Dojo : Virgilio, Master C-Fu
Mad Gone : Sheg, Sou, Mad Gone Crew
Halloween : Gboi & Jean Mi All Night Long
Flemme Records : Røse, Novopol, SUNT
Criminal Justice Act : Brainbeats, pastresdrole, SPLT
Happiness Therapy : Alan.D, Crowd Control
Phase : Kali B, Kpush, Mauroz, Svblivion, We are Lambda
Dusty Nation : Lyss, Orūm, Pyxide, The Laughing Ben