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Realize : Ben Buitendijk, Ali, Manu Svensson, Wavesonik

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Realize : Ben Buitendijk, Ali, Manu Svensson, Wavesonik

Realize invite Ben Buitendijk

Born 1991, Ben Buitendijk is a Dutch young artist. His first appearance as a music producer when he released in collaboration with Ivano Tetelepta ‘Nine Times’ on English label Fear Of Flying(FOF025). One month later, he shared the ‘Mosaic split series – Part One’ with Jorge Zamacona with his track ‘Promised Land’ on the UK’s icon Steve O’Sullivan’s imprint. Furthermore, Ben released music under the name Dilated Pupils, a project composed by his mates Alex Jansen, Ivano Tetelepta, Jocelyn Abell, Robbert van der Bildt, Tom Liem and Roger Gerresen. Early 2014, Dilated Pupils released the ‘241020’ EP on Mode Of Expression (MOE001K).
Ben then introduced a solo production with ‘Colourblind’ on Field Records, sharing the release ‘Collection – Sampler 1/3’ (Field011) with Acronym and Voiski, before ending the year with the opening release ‘Magnitude’ EP on Roger Gerressen OGUN’s label (OGUN001).
Ben’s music varies from Deep to Dub-Techno, improving a clear and refined deep sound .
Since the end of 2014, Ben Buitendijk has been focusing more on his DJ career. He has played all over his home country with ESHU who is in charge of his booking enquiries for The Netherlands.
In March 2016, Ben Buitendijk will launch his own playground Oblique Music with first release ‘Black Mamba’ EP (OBQ001) by himself. This release will be followed by his ‘Coordinated’ EP (ADG002) in collaboration with his friend Koen Hoets on LumièresLaNuit’s co-founder, Edouard, techno label An der Grenze by the end of April 2016.


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